Dr. Logan McLeod, Director of HEAL & Associate Professor

My primary research areas are applied microeconometrics and applied microeconomic theory in the field of Health Economics. My research on the economics of primary health care covers three specific areas: utilization of health care services, the determinants of healthy behaviours, and health care financing.


Dr. Hideki Ariizumi, Associate Professor

To promote a rigorous, collegial, and supportive environment fostering excellence in consuming, producing, and communicating socially-relevant knowledge in the fields of health economics and health policy analysis.

To develop and maintain a long-term and sustainable teaching and research program covering the spectrum of health economics, which will be guided by the need for evidence-based health policy.

  1. Showcase current health economics and health policy research conducted by WLU undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.
  2. Establish a collaborative, economics research group focusing on issues in health, health care, and health policy
  3. Establish and conduct a policy-relevant research agenda
  4. Develop comprehensive health economics research proposals to submit competitive research funding
  5. The education and training of undergraduate and graduate students in applied health economics research

HEAL is located in the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.